Acting Classes

for professional actors, beginners and career changers.
We offer the classes in english as well as in german language!

'Toolbox' for actors::

How do I approach/create an authentic character?


Sculpture Prophet


"At its source is a longing…
to transform, to feel, to grow…
to know that I am alive…"
(Katrin Kelly)

Which 'tools' will support my process if I have problems making the character my own?

Become a 'text-detective' (the meaning behind the words)

Breath- and Voicework

Psycho-Physiology: Understanding what it means to embody a part through intense bodywork and play as well as understanding the use of vocalbreath and voicework to create a character. Learning to follow psycho-physiological impulses and to let them color your play in word and movement.

Physicalizing the Subtext: the importance of what is not said

The actor as a vessel for the viewer's meaning projection: do I need to feel smthng. in order to make the viewer feel something?

Presence and Projection ('Spiritual Concentration')

Importance is placed on developing authenticity in one's play. Breaking through fake "masks". Showing actors ways to work efficiently in preparing a part as well as a variety of methods of approaching the same. The more 'tools' an actor has, the more colorful and risky and as such more interesting his acting will become.


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