Biography: Katrin Kelly

Katrin Kelly was born in Germany and is again resident there after having completed her training at the Laban Centre in London, where she gained a BA (Hons) in Dance Theatre in 1999 and a MA with distinction in European Dance Theatre Practice in 2004. Her training also took her to Los Angeles where she studied acting at the Tom Todoroff Studios and voice with Edward Sayegh. Katrin is an actress, dancer and a theatre maker in her own right. Her work has spanned both film and theatre. Films include for example: Das Herz ist ein dunkler Wald, Sei Still, Tom & Lilli and Game, Set and Match, in both London and Germany.

As a dancer she has performed all over the world: Paris, Genoa, London, Florida and Los Angeles. As a director her latest work Borders + Passages premiered at the Pumpwerk Berlin in July 2007. Currently Katrin is living with her husband in Berlin. Besides continuing her research, she is teaching acting and movement for actors. Research includes topics such as: presentness in the performative frame, emotional flow through body movement, Laban's choreology as tool for actors and directors (…)

Katrin has been a guest-lecturer at the Laban Centre London and is a guest-lecturer at Pontlevoy, France; Universidad des Americas, Mexico and Jacksonville University, Florida, for which she ran a study abroad programme for dance and drama students from universities in the United States.

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