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What's 'OLD' becomes NEW
'The Arts House Project' becomes Schauspiel & Coaching · Berlin


Acting Workshop: Physicality, Presence + Power 'Understanding embodiment and its significance for authenticity and risk in acting' for professional actors and students of acting. Backlight Theatre productions/Jacksonville Theatre, Florida


Katrin Kelly Guest-Lecturer for Choreography and European Dance- and Theatre Practice
for MfA Programme Jacksonville University, Florida.


Katrin Kelly invited as guest-speaker to the event "Remembering in order to build bridges"
as part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the women's union, part of the union of the
displaced people › Photos


Katrin Kelly invited to the talkshow 'FAKT ist…!' broadcast by the mdr.


Interview with the Berliner Zeitung for an article about 'displacement' after WWII
and the possible consequences for children and grandchildren. › Article


Filming for the HD Eco Horror Feature Film
'Call of the Hunter' in Devon/London, UK › Diary


Germany premiere 'BORDERS + PASSAGES' from Gauge Dance Theatre


The artshouseproject is host for a study abroad programme for the dance and
drama department of Jacksonville University in Florida/USA › More Info


Guest appearance of company Gauge Dance Theatre (company of the artshouseproject)
in England. They perform their work NIGHT. › More Info


Katrin Riedel-Kelly performs together with the english theatre company Time4Change.
She can be seen in the role of Beckett's Mouth. The work will be shown as part of a
triology inspired by Beckett's work. › More Info

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