Students about my work


"In the time I studied with Katrin she helped me a lot. Through her I learned to believe in myself and my work and have thus come much closer to the realization of my dream. Even after class hours she supported through tips and advise and she always knew how to get the best out of me. The work was hard, sometimes frustrating, but always satisfying and in the end it brought the desired results. I loved learning with and from her."

V. Richter – Student Liberties College, Dublin

"Katrin is a wonderful teacher. Always aware and in tune with my needs and requirements, she adjusted the class accordingly without loosing its fluidity. She is able to motivate without seeming fake or superficial. My classes with her felt like an energy refueling station and provided me with much more than just acting techniques."

D. T. – Producer and Actor

"I really enjoyed working with Katrin for my auditions. I learned lots of useful tools, particularly concerning the practical development of a role, which techniques can be helpful and how to remain present despite great tension and nervousness. Katrin was very patient and was able to get the best out of me – in view of the auditions, but also in terms of my potential as a person. Further she helped me to access and understand my emotions better."

A. Guzienko – High-School Graduate

"I had a great time rehearsing with Katrin. She helped me to find the joy of playing different characters again. With her warm – ups, creative and useful exercises, her talks, advice and direction, I could start to see the light where there was once only darkness and pain. When I found her I was having a hard time and she knew how to make me come back to earth and be present while working together. She was exigent, caring, professional, flexible. She found the right words in every moment. It was a pleasure to work with her. I am very grateful to her for all her help."

E. Mendez – Student at Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, London

"Katrin taught me how to become my own guide. Whereas before I was unable to articulate why I was stuck and/or frustrated or felt very'wooden' in my work, I am now able to locate my difficulty with a certain part or passage that I am working on and have ways to explore it. What before was a problem has turned into a potential for more risky and deeper character work. Katrin taught me how to grow more sensitive to my own body and how to have the courage to use its impulses to create a character rather than remaining stuck in my head."

M. Slowensky – Actress

"I learned a lot from you. The work with you enabled me to not only learn about the craft, but also about myself; about being human. Thank you for your consistency, your trust in me, for the encouragement that you radiate, for the strength that you give, for your insistence to being specific, for your honesty and of course for your time, in which you were always very present and thus close to my process…"

J. Liedtke, Student at the BSFS, Berlin


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